Today I have made a decision to write 1 post a day.  I should have started yesterday – Jan 1 but with all the festivities of the new year I was not able to do so.

My goal is to uplift and encourage everyone from this day forward.  I want to write about love, family, finances, the word of God, my work as both an online virtual assistant and a baker as well as on parenting and personal growth.  I am not an expert in any field and this blog is all about my thoughts, my opinions and my experiences.  I hope that through my journey, more women will be encourage to spread their wings and embrace their natural talents that God has given them.

To give you a background, I am married to a pastor (Jonathan) and together with our 4 children ages 19, 15, 13 and 10 years we serve the local congregation here in Antipolo City, Philippines.  I work as a website designer / developer for almost 9 years now and counting and 4 years ago have opened my other business doing custom cakes for weddings and other occasions.

I divide my time between my family, work, and my personal meditation on the word of God.  My husband and kids are musically gifted but sadly I’m not 🙂



Today I am thankful for the new beginning this new year brings.  Last year was painfully marked with a lot of financial burdens and mistakes, but I am hopeful that this year will be better for I put my trust in the Lord.