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Welcome to my profile.   You have reached this page to learn more
about my skills and to find out the reason why you should hire me.


I am a highly experienced Project Manager, WordPress Designer/Coder, Writer, Marketer and SEO. I thrive in challenges and I like coming up with ideas and concepts that I greatly feel would benefit not only my client, but the users as well.

Here are some feedback from my past clients:

“ Sharp, fast, caring: a great partner to work with”
Marty Frogs | Rentacoder.com


“Really happy with the work. Extremely fast and responsive” - New York Eagle, USA | Rentacoder.com

“Great to work with. Did an excellent job on my project with little direction.”
saville, USA | Rentacoder.com


“Ana is an EXCELLENT worker. I will happily use her again! ” - ajb1, New Zealand| Rentacoder.com


I’m not your typical virtual assistant.  I am pro-active with good analytical skills and can be relied upon to finish tasks on time with great quality.  I’m not a time-waster.  I know my skills and I understand fully well what I can and cannot do.  However, if you wish me to learn something new for you, then I am resourceful and you can be assured that I can learn quickly.

Please contact me for my hourly rate.  I’m sure most of you are used to paying an hourly rate of $2- $3 per hour to hire a VA from the Philippines.  If that is your budget, please do not contact me.  I can do many things for you, so let’s be fair.




I am happily married to Jonathan Togonon.  My husband is a pastor of a small congregation here in the Philippines.  We have 4 children.  I chose to work at home because I love being able to spend time with my family.




  • I am a graduate of Computer Science and Secretarial Administration in 1991
  • I’ve worked as Executive Secretary to the CEO for different corporations in the Philippines for almost 8 years before entering the online job industry.
  • I’m working online since 2006.
  • Attended different webinars on SEO Strategies, Link Building Techniques, Amazon Niche Sites and more.

If you want to find out more about my strengths and weaknesses, please see my WEALTH DYNAMICS PROFILE by clicking here.    Wealth Dynamics is Personality test and more.  Please find out more about this profile test here http://www.wdprofiletest.com/.



  • Reliable
  • Determined
  • Hardworking
  • Loyal
  • Analytical
  • Honest (Especially with time)



My Time Zone is GMT+8

  • Monday to Friday
  • 8am to 5pm

I strictly don’t work on weekends.  No exceptions.



I will provide upon request.


As a project manager, I understand that the role I will be playing is crucial to the team’s success.  The client will look to me to make sure that all projects are delegated, done correctly and completed on time.  The team members on the other hand will demand/expect that I have the answers to all their questions and will save them from having to go directly to the client to ask questions.

Delegating work to team members requires analytical thinking, accurate data as well as smooth communication and relationship with the team members.  Monitoring and checking work done by team members are also crucial to ensure that nothing is left behind, even if projects are pouring in daily.

  • Goal setting
  • Management of staff
  • Work delegation
  • Project monitoring
  • Hiring staff and or Outsourcing (if needed)
  • Project planning and setting up Action Plans
  • Invoicing and Simple Accounting


For more than a year now, I’ve been working on developing niche sites and monetizing them either through Amazon, CPA Offers or Google Adsense.  In my experience Amazon is the easiest way to monetize a site and I can build a complete site from scratch – including niche selection, product selection, content development and of course website development.  It takes about 2 months (sometimes less) to start seeing sales from the sites which will steadily increase overtime.

  • Niche and keyword selection
  • Product selection
  • Promotion (Link Building)
  • A/B and Multi Variation Testing
  • Clickbank, Amazon and CPA Offers
  • Planning the Niche Site
  • Plan topics and other contents to be written


SEO (Onpage and Offpage)

I have vast experience in optimizing and building links to websites. I start with analyzing a website by checking it’s structure – what is lacking, what is wrong, what needs to be improved, what keywords to use and more.   An Onpage SEO is a must to ensure that the Offpage efforts will not be wasted.

Offpage or Linkbuilding is simple, yet very time consuming.  Here comes the importance of targeting the right keyword for your target market.  Choose a highly competitive keyword and you’ll need longer time to get first page on SERP.  Choose low competition, but end up targeting low search volume also gives you no result.  A good keyword is one that has high search volume, easy to medium competition scale of the the top 10 competitors and a high commercial value.

Success is never overnight.  It takes time and consistent efforts.

  • Onpage optimization
  • Link Building (Blog commenting, Forum Posting, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, etc)
  • Keyword and Niche research  (very good with Market Samurai)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Keyword Tracking and Google Analytic Reporting


I am proficient in photoshop and I love creating mock-ups for clients to help them visualize their ideas. I usually request at least 3 websites from clients that they like both in terms of function and design that I can draw inspiration from to help create a website that will closely represent what they have in mind.

  • Landing or Squeeze Pages
  • Video Squeeze Page
  • Sales Page
  • DVD/CD and Covers
  • Ebook, Box, Banners for Affiliate Marketing
  • Brochures, Templates, Logos
  • Headers for Websites
  • Websites
  • Facebook fanpages
  • Twitter Background
  • And more…


Here’s an overview of my skills. This should give you an idea of what I can do for you and how I can help you grow your internet business.


Technical Skills:

I love creating wordpress websites that are both beautiful, functional and search engine friendly. I am always conscious of W3C strict validation and high standards and try to always comply. I check for compatibility with different browsers, optimize loading times for better user experience.

  • WordPress Development
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Photoshop
  • Autoresponder Setup and Integration
  • Shoppingcart Integration
  • Membership Integration
  • Transfer websites from 1 server to another
  • DNS Settings
  • Cpanel Administration
  • Facebook Apps



  1. http://www.propertyandhousebuyers.co.uk/
  2. http://oceandriveshoes.com/
  3. http://lolaslunches.com/
  4. http://housesforcashuk.co.uk/
  5. https://sacredcenters.com/



    If you are interested to hire me either full time, part time or per piece project – below is my contact details:








    Available Time On Skype:

    Timezone:  GMT+8

    8am to 12noon
    10pm-12 midnight



    Monday to Friday