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Hello and welcome to my website.

virtual assistantMy work revolves mainly on wordpress website design and development and every now and then some SEO projects. The purpose of this website is to chronicle my journey as a virtual assistant as well as discover the opportunity of earning money through blogging.

I am aware that earning money through blogs is not new and in fact already one of the most competitive niche online. I will be blogging about work, projects, my techniques and my seo efforts in order to rank this website. Currently, I have not decided on a theme keyword yet, but will do so in a few days time.

I would also like this blog to become a resource for both virtual assistants and clients alike. I want to share how I feel clients should do to improve their working relationship with their VA’s and vice versa. Right now VA’s are in demand. However finding a good one, a reliable one is a challenge and everyone who found a good VA should try to keep them at all cost.

If you have any topics, questions regarding virtual assistance or wordpress or graphics design or seo please feel free to write it on the comments section and I will try to write 1 post about it. I would love to get your participation so that this blog may become more interesting as it grows.

Thanks again for visiting.

Ana Togonon
Skilled WordPress Virtual Assistant